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The bundle featuring both Era of the Crusades, and The Sigil of Jerusalem. Hunt the Wicked, Rise a Knight!


The prints will be on premium paper with perfect colors, with a thick hardcover, silver foiled cover art, and with a velvet ribbon to mark the pages! The two books will be housed in a gorgeous gold foiled slip case, featuring markings inspired by the cultures of the Holy Lands. 

Important information: You will IMMEDIATELY receive an email with a personal code that you can use to download the PDF Version of Era of the Crusades, and The Sigil of Jerusalem. The hardcover copy of the book is still in production and we expect to start shipping by June 2024.



Era of the Crusades


A 5th edition setting module


Page Number: 271



  • Foreword

  • Introduction

  • Chapter I: World of Historica Arcanum

  • Chapter II: Character Options

  • Chapter III: Jerusalem & Cairo

  • Chapter IV: Book of Ingenious Monsters

  • Chapter V: Appendix


Sigil of Jerusalem


A 5th edition adventure module


Page Number: 237



  • Foreword

  • Chapter I: Introduction

  • Chapter II: Player Options

  • Chapter III: Characters

  • Chapter IV: Sigil of Jerusalem

  • Appendix


Hardcover Bundle of Historica Arcanum: Era of the Crusades

$109.99 Regular Price
$99.99Sale Price

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