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5e’s Historical Universe, Historica Arcanum has returned!

With Historica Arcanum: Era of the Crusades, journey through the occult history of the Holy Lands of the XII Century!

Uncover the secrets of Jerusalem and Cairo, clash or ally with legendary figures - Baldwin the Leper King, and Saladin, the Avenging General, venture forth in a massive adventure module, and unlock new gameplay overhauls for all your 5th Edition Games.

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At a Glance:

  • Two Grand Sourcebooks: Era of the Crusades, the setting guide and the Sigil of Jerusalem, a massive adventure module.

  • Two Legendary Cities: Cairo and Jerusalem, reimagined for 5th Edition, with arcane secrets to explore, iconic characters to meet, and accursed beasts to slay in every corner.

  • Deck of the Damned: Combat and Narrative stress overhaul, for the darkest moments of 5e - designed as an easy to use ruleset that adds flavor, danger, and if the fates allow, solace. In addition to the cards, the deck is also in the setting guide as rolling tables.

  • A Vast Library of Subclasses & Bestiary: 5th Edition Content Inspired by the History and Legends of the Holy Lands.

  • Knight Orders: Forge your own Knight Order - roll or pick through hundreds of options; heraldry, tenets, headquarters, titles and more.

  • Massive Gameplay Package: A massive tome of maps and posters, monster minis; item, spell and artifact cards; immersive hand-outs.

  • Collector Accessories: Posters, Designer-made GM Screen, Canvas Maps of Cairo and Jerusalem, and a Premium Box to house everything in, and be the centerpiece of your collection.

  • Full Soundtrack Suite: Each Historica Arcanum setting comes with a immersive soundtrack album to set the tone and herald the coming of key NPCs, and Era of the Crusades is no exception!

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