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The PDFs of both books in Historica Arcanum: Era of the Crusades.

The bundle includes Historica Arcanum: Era of the Crusades, and Historica Arcanum: Sigil of Jerusalem.


Era of the Crusades


A 5th edition setting module


Page Number: 271



  • Foreword

  • Introduction

  • Chapter I: World of Historica Arcanum

  • Chapter II: Character Options

  • Chapter III: Jerusalem & Cairo

  • Chapter IV: Book of Ingenious Monsters

  • Chapter V: Appendix


Sigil of Jerusalem


A 5th edition adventure module


Page Number: 237



  • Foreword

  • Chapter I: Introduction

  • Chapter II: Player Options

  • Chapter III: Characters

  • Chapter IV: Sigil of Jerusalem

  • Appendix

PDF Bundle of Historica Arcanum: Era of the Crusades


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