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A 5th Edition Adventure Module, Historica Arcanum: The City of Crescent takes place in the Victorian Era Istanbul, with an intrigue filled campaign taking players on a journey in one of the oldest and most culturally diverse Imperial Capitals of our world!

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     At a Glance

  • 400+ page 5th Edition Sourcebook.

  • ​12 Subclasses based on the Lore of Historica Arcanum, and Near Eastern Cultures.

  • 100+ Page Bestiary delving into
    Cultural Myths & Legends.

  • 80+ Hours of Main Questline, deep and exciting NPCs, and dozens of side quests to explore.

  • 7 Dungeons inspired by Real Historical Landmarks.

  • 29 Music Tracks: Themes and Ambient Sounds

  • Profession System for 5e Player Characters

  • Alternate History Toolbox

  • A Cookbook section 

Main Campaign

Historica Arcanum is an Alternate History Setting for the 5th Edition. A world where occult secrets hide within the dusty tomes of history. The City of Crescent takes place in the 19th Century Istanbul - the Imperial crossroads of continents and cultures.  Within the story, you will dungeon crawl through real landmarks, and meet and fight alongside real historical figures residing in the Eternal City of Istanbul.

Introducing the Profession System

The Profession system allows player characters to fully customize their playstyle, and pick careers for even greater narrative depth. In addition, DMs will be able to generate side quests at a snap!

Cultural Authenticity

For the world of Historica Arcanum, we want to give the readers all around the world as authentic of an experience as possible. That's why we work with historians and sensitivity readers - in addition to writing about cultures we ourselves grew in!It is our pledge to bring an authentic alternative to stereotyped depictions of the Near East, for your gaming tables.

Alternate History Toolbox

While creating the world of the Historica Arcanum, we have taken extensive notes on worldbuilding for an alternate history setting. These notes, we have compiled into dozens of pages of tips and tricks for DMs to create their own Alternate History settings. 

Even a Cookbook!

We brought culinary experts to give you recipes to try out new snacks from the Near Eastern cultures, for your game nights. Definitely adds so much flavor to the immersion!

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