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Dev Diary #5: Castle Alamut of the Hashasin Order

Nothing feels better than a final, desperate, assault against the villain's stronghold.

With this week's newsletter, we reveal another key piece of Empires of the Silk Road, Castle Alamut: The Stronghold of the Assassin Order.

Hello and welcome back to another developer diary! Today, I wanted to open up this newsletter with the very end of the Herald of Rain: The Assault on Castle Alamut.

The original Castle Alamut, were destroyed by the Mongolian Khaganate, but in Historica Arcanum, it will be up to the adventurers to drive the final nail to the Hashasin's coffin.

My most memorable moments in gaming, all came from final confrontations. Assaulting Castle Ravenloft, the suicide mission in Mass Effect 2, the Ragnarök in God of War. These all tickle that part of my brain that makes me want to grab the nearest stick-like object and charge around the house, swinging my impromptu sword.

With Castle Alamut, we wanted to give the players that same heroic feeling. The feeling that although they are not ready yet, they are building towards the final strike against their villain's lair is always present in the campaign.

Every decision they took up until that final confrontation; every victory and defeat they went through - every life they took or spared - will change how the dungeon will play out.

Who your allies and enemies are, and how strong they are, are very dynamic in the campaign of Herald of Rain, and this means that each party will have their own unique final confrontation at the Assassin Stronghold.


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