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A Massive setting for 5th Edition, Wayfarer: Nomadic Realms takes your RPG Table on a journey through the Realms of Sky Gods, Khanates of Myths, and Horselords of the Scorching Steppes and Frozen Tundras!

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Set in the legendary Silk Road of Crusades Era, venture forth with a full adventure module coming with a rich storyline and professionally designed gameplay, and add many standalone mechanics to all your 5e campaigns! 

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A 5th Edition Sourcebook, Historica Arcanum: The City of Crescent takes place in the Victorian Era Istanbul brimming with magic and occult creatures. With City of Crescent, you will get more than 400 pages of  adventure, setting guide and bestiary!

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A Mythical Journey through the realm of Sky Gods, Horselords, and Khans of the Steppes! Massive bestiary, expansive lore, and a full adventure - ready to be integrated to any gaming table!

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