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From frozen tundras to scorching sands, from the devious creatures of the underworld, to the exalted Pantheon of the Sky; we are taking you, and your RPG table, on a journey to the world, myths, and legends of the Horselords of the Steppes, inspired by Tibetan, Scythian, Turkic and Mongolian cultures!

Whether if you are homebrewing your own setting and need inspiration for unique landscapes, if you want a deep lore ready out-of-the-box, or if you are just looking for well designed 5e gameplay content - we got you covered!


With Wayfarer: Nomadic Realms, you will be able to easily plug-in a vast library of content to your campaigns; from a massive bestiary to an expansive armory, from unique subclasses to a sprawling lore and geography to get lost in!

Expansive Library of 5e+ Content: The book contains a massive library of well designed, and beautifully illustrated 5e content. 7 Authentic Subclasses based on Steppe Culture, Character Race System based on Nomadic Zodiac Signs, Runic Magic, a Huge Bestiary, and more!

Gargantuan Tome of Lore: On top of the 5e+ content, Nomadic Realms hosts a cosmology, a full pantheon with domains, heroes and NPCs to meet with intricate storylines, biomes and retelling of legends and prophecies!

Artbook Level Visuals: Almost each page is accompanied by a full artwork, as we boast one of the, if not the largest, pool of art that was ever produced for a roleplaying book . From item decks to chapter breaks, Wayfarer: Nomadic Realms is a visual statement, hand drawn by the legendary comic artist and mythologist Bartu Bolukbasi.

Physical Goodies: In addition to the gorgeous Hardcover Book, the set comes with amazing rewards: GM’s Journal, a Designer-made GM Screen, a Canvas Campaign Map, and a Deck of 50+ Magic Item Cards, and a Premium Box to house all these in!

Wayfarer Series:

Wayfarer is our series that takes RPG tables through journeys to new and unexplored mythologies based on real world cultures’ roots. Nomadic Realms is our very first setting guide and our goal is to expand! Nomadic Realms is our very first setting guide and our goal is to expand to new horizons, bringing you unparalleled diversity for your RPG tables.


Subclasses and Bestiary

Zodiac Signs

Alchemy RPG Integration

Immersion and ease of use is very important for us. So, we are also releasing Wayfarer: Nomadic Realms to Alchemy RPG, our VTT of choice. All backers who supported us in the first 48 hours, hardcover and collector’s tier backers will all receive a complimentary code for the Alchemy Edition!


We designed Wayfarer to be a collection of settings that are inspired by underexplored mythologies from a diverse range of indigenous cultures throughout our world. We intend to keep creating well researched, well designed and beautifully illustrated setting books inspired by the vast diversity of world cultures and bring them to your RPG table!


With the 5th edition’s independence secured through Creative Commons (CC), we intend to keep our (already written) content where it is, the way it is, secured by CC. However, we fully support our fellow TTRPG creators’ initiatives to create open licenses and systems for the TTRPG industry. We are also keeping an eye on the upcoming edition to 5e. Depending on the requests of our community and our backers we are more than willing to release free digital updates and upgrades for Wayfarer: Nomadic Realms to other licenses, systems and editions.


Once the campaign is completed, we will reach out to you to finalize your address and collect shipping fees through BackerKit. Please be aware that the numbers below are estimates, and they may be subject to change depending on the global inflation, potential shipping errors, and other factors outside of our control.

Hardcover Book

US USD 21,99

UK USD 23,99

EU USD 19,99

CA USD 24,99

AUS USD 39,99

Rest of the World* USD 59,99

Collector’s Box Set

US USD 39,99

UK USD 39,99

EU USD 35,99

CA USD 44,99

AUS USD 89,99

Rest of the World* USD 99,99

* You may reach out to us to get a custom quote for your location.



If you want to make your custom reward package, or want to grab multiple  you can do so through add-ons! Add-on packages will be available through BackerKit two to three weeks after the Kickstarter campaign ends.

Wayfarer: Nomadic Realms (PDF)

The PDF edition, bookmarked and ready-to-play. Will be delivered through BackerKit.

Wayfarer: Nomadic Realms (Hardcover)

Hardcover edition, printed on the best materials with the best techniques to be a stunning collection piece.

Designer GM Screen

Features a collage of the stunning artwork of Wayfarer on the outside, and important GM tools for 5e inside.

Canvas Map

The Canvas Map features the Wild Steppes the Nomadic Realms adventure path takes place in. Designed as a great decorative piece, or a map to run the campaign on!

Armory Cards - (Magic Item Decks)

With a unique artwork for each magic item, the deck contains cards for each of the 52 magic items in Wayfarer: Nomadic Realms.

Game Master’s Journal

A universally useful Game Master’s journal, featuring sections for campaign notes, NPC lists, session details and grid pages for designing encounters!


Historica Arcanum is 5th edition’s best selling Alternate History setting, created by our publisher Metis Creative. The first entry into the series is The City of Crescent, taking place in Victorian Istanbul, and the saga continued with Empires of the Silk Road, set in 13th century Persia beset by Crusaders, Assassins and the Mongolian Horde.

Historica Arcanum: The City of Crescent (PDF & Hardcover)

Set in the 19th Century Istanbul, City of Crescent takes your RPG table through a journey in the majestic Imperial Capital - featuring a setting guide and a level 1 to 10 adventure path!

Historica Arcanum: Empires of the Silk Road (PDF & Hardcover)

The setting book of the Silk Road era of Historica Arcanum, this massive book contains everything you will need to run a campaign set in the 13th century Persia, filled with magic and mystery.

Historica Arcanum: Herald of Rain (PDF & Hardcover)

The adventure path of the Silk Road era, the campaign written in this book pits the players against the legendary leader of the assassin order, Hasan Sabbah.


Epilogue Creative is a team of board game and tabletop roleplaying enthusiasts who got together to make awesome games! Founded in 2022, we are gearing up for a massive 2023 with hopefully 3 separate releases hitting a wide spectrum of the tabletop hobby!


Metis Media is our publisher, and our team’s first supporters. They are the creators of Historica Arcanum series, and will serve as our manufacturing and logistics partner.


With Wayfarer, we are reimagining some of 5th Editions core concepts to flow great in our setting! Player races will be revamped as Zodiac Signs, and we are introducing Runic - Tamga Magic, a new way of approaching magic inspired by Nomadic Mythologies.


Within the heart of the Wayfarer saga, lies our desire to bring underexplored mythologies and cultures to the world of roleplaying. Our starting point, the Nomadic Myths were selected for a few reasons.

First, it was our own cultural heritage, and it truly filled us with joy to bring something of ours to our hobby space!

Two, we had access to the Anthology of Nomadic Mythology, our Lead Artist Bartu Bölükbaşı’s previous work, where he not only illustrated the myths from Asian cultures, but have researched and written expansively about throughout the anthology.

As we keep creating more and more content for Wayfarer saga and future series, creating a unique, diverse and culturally authentic experience will always be our first priority!

STRETCH GOALS 15K - New Subclass (Spellbinder Wizard)

30K - Expanded Grimoire - New Spells

50K - New Subclass (Blighted Wanderer Ranger)

70K - Adventure Path Expanded - Level 3 to 5.

80K - Digital Library Expanded (Character and Bestiary Tokens)

100K - Custom Character Sheets

125K - Adventure Path Expanded - Level 5 to 8.

150K - Original Soundtrack

175K - Expanded Armory and Bestiary

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