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Here Come the Developer Diaries

Hello everyone,

In order to share our creative journey through Historica Arcanum series and beyond with you, we intend to write developer diaries on a monthly basis. In these diaries we’d like to introduce our new ideas, monsters, magic items, spells, dungeons, artwork and more.

You will see a lot of WIP content, discussions on running and playing 5E (and other systems if we venture or take ideas from there), interesting stuff we learned or did (music tracks, making of physical accessories, etc.), and nerdy articles and rants about the philosophy of game design and roleplaying!

You will also see all members of our creative team adding their two cents into the discussion.

We hope that these developer diaries end up being resources and inspirations to both new and veteran publishers, players, and game masters of the TTRPG world!

- Sarp Duyar



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