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The Adventure Module of the Silk Road Saga, Historica Arcanum: Herald of Rain pits the adventurers against the Legendary Hashashin Order.


Heroes will travel through the Silk Road, meet historical figures of the 13th Century, and clash in the majestic cities and landmarks.


The adventure includes a climactic final stand off in the Hashashin Stronghold turned into a mega-dungeon, Castle Alamut.

Set in the Silk Road of our world, Herald of Rain is a standalone adventure module with countless hours of content - designed in an easy-to-run format for Game Masters.

Within the Herald of Rain, the players are thrown into the heart of a world tied together in a web of intrigue and arcane cataclysm.

In the eye of the hurricane, lies Hasan Sabbah, his Hashashin Order, and their plans for vengeance - which the adventurers became a loose end for. To save their own skins, and in the off chance that their intentions are noble, to take down a horrendous threat to the Silk Road in a righteous battle, the adventurers must ride west from city to city - and finally challenge Sabbah in his lair, the infamous Castle Alamut.

The world is expansive, danger lurks in every corner - whether in a city or the wilderness - the rewards for success are riches beyond compare, and the knowledge of worlds beyond our own beckons.

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