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Historica Arcanum, 5th Edition's Alternate History Saga is back, taking you to the Silk Road, imbued with arcane secrets to explore! Unravel a massive open world set in the legendary Silk Road, venture forth with a full adventure module coming with a rich storyline and professionally designed gameplay, and add many standalone mechanics to all your 5e campaigns!

Two Massive Sourcebooks: Empires of the Silk Road, the setting guide and Herald of Rain, the adventure module! Huge Bestiary & Authentic Subclasses: 5e Content Inspired by history, legends & cultures of the Silk Road! Modular 5e Mechanics: Player Character Professions, Overhauled Land Travel, and the Plague System! Maps, Tokens, and Event Decks: Physical goodies to bring the full experience to your RPG Table! Collector Accessories: Exclusive Desert Sky Crystal Shard Dice Set, Designer-made GM Screen, and more! Full Soundtrack Suite: Amplify your game withsoundtracks composed for this campaign!

Historica Arcanum: Historica Arcanum is 5th Edition’s biggest Alternate History Universe, where arcane secrets lie just beyond the veil of mortal eyes of our world. With Historica Arcanum Sourcebooks; Game Masters and Players can explore timelines and regions of an occult world history, and unearth a vast, deep lore, delving into crucial events and cultures that shaped humanity!

The Sourcebooks

Empires of the Silk Road, the Setting Guide: Explore the legendary cities of the Silk Road, from the Necropolis of Samarkand to the House of Wisdom of Baghdad; from the Assassin Stronghold Alamut to the ancient ruins of Babylon. Uncover arcane secrets and discover political conspiracies, mythical creatures andindigenous cultures. With this sourcebook, you'll get everything you need to explore this legendary region; including maps, creatures, side quests, and relics! Discover new ways to travel across the land using our unique Overhauled Land Travel; and fend off contagions that are more than just inconveniences with the Plague System.Herald of Rain, the Adventure Module:Set in the Silk Road of our world, Herald of Rain is a standalone adventure module with over 120 hours of content - designed in a ready-to-run format for Game Masters. Within its pages, you will find a massive,branching, and deeply engaging main story, reallandmarks turned into dungeons and battle arenas, and memorable NPCs with unique and deeply personalbackstories inspired by actual historical characters. Herald of Rain also hosts all the unique player options coming with this edition of Historica Arcanum, including subclasses drawn from the rich cultural heritage of the region and the all new Profession System!

What to Expect Subclasses and Bestiary: With the Empires of the Silk Road, and Herald of Rain, you will get a wide range of 5e content from subclasses inspired by the many cultures of the Silk Road to anextensive Bestiary based on Myths & Legends of theGeography. Three of these heroes are immortalized as minis - exclusive for Collector's Box backers!

Player Character Professions:The Profession System introduced with Historica Arcanum is designed to be a game-changer for 5e, featuring enhanced character customization and gameplay mechanics. Every Player Character gets a career - in addition to their class and background - that opens up new feats, perks, recipes, and narrative opportunities. With the Herald of Rain, we are expanding the Profession System by 6 all-new careers - Explorer, Grave Robber, Smuggler, Missionary, Merchant and Beast Tamer; and more will be added with stretch goals! Overhauled Land Travel: 5e’s traveling system is flexible and scalable; however, it can lack variety. That's why we created the Overhauled Land Travel (OLT), allowing you to create varied travel scenes on the fly with minimum effort, and with maximum depth. OLT can simulate a wide range oftravels - from a small band of adventurers, each riding their own horses in a rush; to a majestic trading caravan - with enduring camels and elephants in tow, to a heavily burdened warband chasing the remnants of a routed enemy.

Companions: With a great number of recruitable companions, players will encounter NPCs throughout their journey who, with a little bit of flattery, bribery and persuasion, can join their traveling band. Each companion comes with their own narrative and gameplay features - engaging bothgameplay and storytelling. Companions also feature adetailed personality and they have their own likes,dislikes, and relations with other companions. Most of these characters have a secret agenda to fulfill as well, so pay close attention to what they do and say! The Plague System: The Historica Arcanum: Empires of the Silk Road brings a robust and detailed epidemic mechanic to 5th Edition. With the Plague System we bring many contagionmechanics to a wide range of diseases, mundane and arcane, to be played in any campaign and setting for 5th Edition. Maps, Tokens & Encounter Decks: Empires of Silk Road features a massive open world map with secrets and adventure hidden in every nook and cranny! That's why we designed two versions of a hex based - gorgeously illustrated world map: One for the DMs, one for the players. Combined with the Overhauled Land Travel, players can decide to venture towards any direction, where they can scout and place tokens on points of interests. DMs, with their detailed map, would know what truly lies in those points of interests - perhaps just a random event drawn from one of the locationspecific event decks, or perhaps the start of a hugestoryline.

Full Soundtrack Suite: At Metis Creative, we create more than just games, but truly immersive worlds to explore. That's why our games all come with a full Soundtrack Suite, where you can access theme songs composed for Main Cast of NPCs, ambient tracks for locations and situations.Check out the QR code for our 29 track album forHistorica Arcanum: The City of Crescent, featuringtraditional instruments and beats, to understand how we're using music to create an immersive gaming experience.

Alchemy RPG Integration: We are serious about immersion, and our game will be released on the most immersive VTT platform that we had the pleasureworking with and playing 5e through, Alchemy RPG!Maps, Soundtracks & all the information that you would need to play all our games with will be ready to play,categorized and placed in their own scenes, with anamazing UI for the 5th edition!

Storyline Sneak Peak In the cradle of civilization, where Cultures and Religions, Gold and Silk, Blood and Magic marchunbarred and unmatched, a red dawn has arisen. In the north, under the banner of The Eternal Blue Sky, the Mongol Khan united the nomads of the steppes for a grand age of conquest. Within the hallowed halls of the House of Wisdom of Baghdad, the arch-scholars have discovered arcane secrets that will shake the core ofreality. In the heartland of Persia, the remnants of the Seljuk Empire strive to hold on to their position, fraught with political turmoil, and war at all fronts. And in the towering peaks, rose the Castle of Alamut, home ofassassins and the stronghold of their infamous leader, Sabbah.Yet none are more terrifying than a dedicated soul, set on to right the wrongs of this world, according to his ownbeliefs: A judge belonging to no creed, under no banner, and influenced not by riches and pleasures of this life; and an executioner, with no regard to mortal suffering - if he deems the punishment to be just. Some call him a demon, some a teacher, some a liar, some a herald.With the world sundered, conspiracies afoul, and arcane powers unleashed, a few will choose not to standidle - but to fight back! Heroes, seekers, and fools band together and clash against the forces of evil andcorruption; perhaps for the good, perhaps for the spoils, and perhaps just to survive this age of cataclysm.

CITIES & WILDERNESS Samarkand:The unyielding war machine of the Mongolian Empire has stopped after the Metropolis of Samarkand was conquered: The Khan Ogedei has passed away and a Council of Lords, a Kurultai, has been called to secure succession. Royal Dynasties and Generals rode north to Mongolian Homeland, leaving the Grand City ofSamarkand ripe for political turmoil.At the farthest corner of Empires of the Silk Road, Samarkand lies: Millions dwell within her walls - people of human and of arcane origin. Vast ranges of glamorous bazaars cover her streets, and mesmerizing palaces - now adorned with the Banner of the Khanate, tower over the horizon. And within far corners of the city lies the Necropolis - a maze of alleyways and catacombs, hosting occult secrets, and an unorthodox contender, vying for the city.Isfahan:Travel westward, braving the heat and the sandstorms, and you shall arrive at Isfahan, a haven for travelers and refugees, a safe city among the steppes and desert. Isfahan, the Capital of the waning Seljuk Empire was once a great city, the Pearl of Persia - but it now suffers as thelifeblood of the city, the trade of the Silk Road is cut from East and the West.The Death of Ogedei gave the Seljuk Empire a chance to prepare a defense against the coming of the Third Khan of the Mongols, who will surely continue the onslaught westward. Yet, as armies assemble and walls built - a string of unexplainable magical assassinations shakes the city - with a trail leading to the Atashgah, The House of Fire, an ancient and abandoned Zoroastrian temple watching over the city.


​Baghdad:Holding the gate to the Mediterranean, lies Baghdad, the heart of learning where the scholars, sages, scribes,orators, psychians, astronomers and arcanists dwell in the House of Wisdom. This is the city where sciencereached its peak and flourished through the Golden Age of the Silk Road.It is in these hallowed halls that many arcane secrets are discovered, and whispered to the ears that areaccustomed to hear them. One such secret is the location of the ruins of Babylon - ancient and crawling withmagical relics. A much dire threat looms over the city with the whispers of Mongol conquest creeping - and the scholars and arcanists debate whether they should take the mantle of the defenders, and to what extent they should consort to archaic occult powers.Wilderness & Dungeons:Outside of the cities, the Silk Road lives still. Hidden in the mountains and the deserts are ruins from ancientcivilizations and strongholds of bandits and arcane beings; and the lairs of monstrosities. From the Castle of Alamut, the mythic stronghold of occultist assassins, to the Ruins of Ancient Babylon, to the arcane infused lost tomb of Alexander the Great, as the adventuring band travels - they will encounter many unique locationsteeming with challenges and deep lore linking ourWorld’s History, and the storylines of Historica Arcanum.

Our Approuch to Storytellling We believe that Tabletop RPGs are great tools of a new kind of storytelling thanks to the unlimited freedom they offer - one that we haven't been able to experience insimilar art forms, such as video games. But such freedom brings great responsibility to content creators.With all our settings and adventures, we give greatimportance to not just world-building and game design, but also to bring a very detailed narrative and NPCs. The stories we weave are built atop dynamic cast ofcharacters that move and change as the story and players do - so when they interact with PCs, they don't just tell their own tale, they build a narrative within themselves and the world!We know that prepping for such a storyline is hard for the Game Masters. That's why we include a lot of tips and tricks in the story pages. For instance, if the dialogue text we have written for a NPC foreshadows an important clue, we add a small heads up for the Game Masters that reminds them what this foreshadow is, and when it will pay off! This way, Game Masters can start running the game with little time wasted on prepping, while still giving the full story to their players!

Who is this book for Although around a half of the books are designed for the 5th Edition, this book is for fans of alternate historyfictions, Tabletop RPG enthusiasts, and those who wish to add cultural depth to their creative work!Chapters that are on worldbuilding, narrative, and quest generation can be used regardless of the game system. 5th edition players and game masters can also pick up the book for its original character customization content, and of course, new mechanics such as the Profession System, Travel Overhaul and Plague Mechanics.

The Past and The Future ofHistorica Arcanum Historica Arcanum is an ever-expanding AlternateHistory Series for the 5th Edition. Our goal is to create roleplaying adventures and settings from the mostintriguing timelines of World History. Our first adventure module, Historica Arcanum: The City of Crescent was based on the 19th Century Istanbul.With every adventure and setting we put out, we will expand the setting and the world of Historica Arcanum, with even more lore on magic, origin of monsters and sentient fantasy creatures, and how the arcane powers have shaped an occult history!

Cultural Authenticity Since we started our journey as Tabletop ContentCreators, we made it our mission to bring hobbyenthusiasts all around the world a window into cultures that is distant from theirs or cultures that haven't been explored properly, without stereotypes and onedimensional characters.Ignoring world's cultures due to fear of contributing to stereotypes is just as dangerous as the stereotypesthemselves, because in this case; those cultures are not accessible to the players who genuinely want to immerse themselves in those worlds. Nobody "dares" to makecontent for these amazing cultures, and consequently, players don’t get exposed to anything new, other than what the current perspective deem “safe”. This is the status quo that what we want to challenge.What backers will get from the world of HistoricaArcanum is an authentic and historically wellresearched, mythical guide to the cultures by the people living in these cultural backdrops - helped out by greathistorians and anthropologists who had beenpassionately researching these diverse geographies.Therefore, you can use Historica Arcanum: Empires of Silk Road and Herald of Rain to introduce your table to the cultural settings of the Silk Road, without the fear of misrepresenting.

Free Updates for Future Editions We are following all announcements about the future of 5th edition and roleplaying system that powers Historica Arcanum. We commit to making sure all HistoricaArcanum games, past and present, stay up to date with new rules.If any feature of the roleplaying system changes that alter the intended balance and feel of our gameplay, and our narrative, we will release a free update to all PDF owners, tweaking the necessary parts of thesourcebooks.

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