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Join the Legion.
Make History.

Historica Arcanum is an ever expanding universe, created with love and passion by writers, game designers and artists from all corners of the world. 

At Metis Creative, we believe in the power of being a community. While we are the Custodians of the World of Historica Arcanum, you are the force that drives it forward!

So, we decided to create a dedicated space for you and any tale you would wish to tell in this universe. 

Every few months, we will release a new edition of Historica Arcanum Journals, a curated selection of stories, gameplay additions, illustrations and anything else created for this world. If published in the Journals, your work will become a part of the Historica Arcanum Canon. 

To celebrate your contribution, we will also send you Historica Arcanum items that we will create only for the members of this community.

In order to help you in your quest, we created many guidelines and sources that you can draw inspiration from!

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